Laura Anderson, Master of Science in Holistic Nutrition 


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Laura is degreed with a Masters in Holistic Nutrition through the Clayton College of Natural Health, and a Bachelors of General Studies from Texas Christian University. She offers private energy and therapeutic massage using Korean Acupressure, Yoga chakra clearing with crystals, Reiki energy healing, prayer, affirmations, and private lifestyle counseling and nutritional consultations. Laura is a trained Stephen Minister and a member of the United Methodist Church.

She has taught classes and workshops in meditation, Yoga, and Tai Chi for Weatherford College, Tarrant County College, the City of Weatherford, WISD Community ED, the City of Fort Worth, Unity Church of Fort Worth, the United Methodist Church, and various hospitals. A Natural Health Facilitator and an intuitive consultant, she has been working with energy healing since 1995.


I was a lot better yesterday after your treatment...…. ! I slept 8 hours! Went to bed little after 9 and didn't get up until after 5, .relaxed an refreshed. The difference is amazing...thank you again!   Alicia Gilley

My session with you was phenomenal!!! I'm having a really good day. no craving cigarettes and getting thinkgs crossed off my list. Norma Kreig

I wanted to thank you for the extra special attention, your healing hands on my knee during relaxation mat time at yoga today. It felt wonderful :) Adrienne Kitko


Laura I'm at work but want to text and tell you thank you! Remember we called in my soul fragments yrs ago? They came home, celebrate !!!!  No more hole. No more wounded soul !!!! No need to shove someone in the hole to be happy. Whoop whoop!!!!  Susan Arnett 


Thank you very much.  I could tell the difference  when she walked in. Lianna Hardin 


Feel much better. Thank you!! Napped most of afternoon & slept well last night. Really appreciate you! Cleo Pitman 


Recently enjoyed an Energy and Therapeutic Massage ... I highly recommend this ... thank you Laura! Lorri Bell-Chambless 


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